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2016 Cells I See Gallery


"New Hope" by Tahani Baakdah

New hope for patients suffering from degenerative eye disease. New source for retinal pigmented epithelium is being discovered and characterized in our lab.


"Coronal Borealis" by Anastassia Voronova

Murine cortical stem and precursor cells were electroporated in utero with piggy bac cytoplasmic GFP and the piggy bac transposase expression constructs. The piggy bac system allows GFP to be incorporated into genomic DNA thereby indelibly labeling progeny of electroporated cells. E14.5 electroporat...


"Flat, Fluorescent & Fabulous" by Natalie Montwill

This is a picture of bone marrow-derived stem cells that have differentiated into adipocytes. After a week of being cultured in adipogenic media, they were stained for fat (LipidTox – green fluorescent dye). The blue in the picture is DAPI staining. It was exciting seeing the distinct lipid drople...


"The Quest for Innervation" by Anastassia Voronova

Isolated neural stem and precursor cells from E13 murine developing cortex were transfected with cytoplasmic GFP. Transfected cells were cultured for 7 days in vitro. This image is of a single cortical neuron transfected with GFP (green).


"Nucleic Shower" by Natalie Montwill

This picture is of hemangioma-derived stem cells that have been put into adipogenic media for several days. Although adipogenesis is not as prominent, you can still see some differentiation in the background (stained green with LipidTox). However, the DAPI staining was clearly a success, and the pat...


"Brain Communication Chain" by Samantha Yammine

Shown here are three neurons made from stem cells that are connecting with each other in a linear chain. Neurons transmit messages along these chains, and it is the many billions of connections like these that are responsible for everything we can do and perceive. It is through the plasticity of the...


"Icy Astrocytes" by Samantha Yammine

These ghost-like shapes that seem to be floating beneath an icy surface are actually astrocytes differentiated from mouse embryonic neural stem cells. They have been pseudocoloured here for an eerie effect to reflect that these cells are still a mystery to researchers. Though they are very numerous ...


"We're All Made of Stardust" by Shreya Shukla

This image is a homage to Lawrence Krauss’s quote: “One of the most poetic facts I know about the universe is that essentially every atom in your body was once inside a star that exploded. Moreover, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than did those in your right. We ...


"My Uncle's Stem Cells" by Jack Wylie

Jack’s uncle underwent a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Jack [age 5 ½] looked up “stem cells” on the Internet and created this picture for his uncle. The picture is how Jack sees blood stem cells.


"Iris" by Sabiha Hacibekiroglu

Stained for blood vessel cells (endothelial cells) within the iris of a mouse, flat mount, confocal image. Stained with markers/antibodies for: CD31 (endothelial cells), col IV (collagen), Lectin (endothelial cells).


"Spring from Within" by Tahani Baakdah

Imagine seeing a flower in a culture dish. How happy your day will be!


"Chrysalis" by Peter Feige

Immunofluorescent image of mitochondria present in muscle stem cells.


"Cellular Landscape" by Peter Feige

Immunofluorescent image of adipocytes present along muscle fascia.


"Cells We See" by Jen Ma

In the past month I started combining my passion in art and hand-lettering with science. Through creative imagery and storytelling, my hope is to engage the public and reveal the fascinating world of stem cell research. This collage is a small collection of my recent artworks (posted on Instagram vi...


"Big Love From Your Embryonic Stem Cells" by Jen Ma

Combining hand-lettering, art, and science. This is one of the artworks that I posted on Instagram (@itslike-pudding) in hopes to engage the general public with our fascinating world of stem cell research. I collect interesting images from my colleagues or my own research, and turn them into mini-st...


"Reaching for Organoids" by Amy Wong

This image “models” a well known Banksy art of a little girl reaching for a fly away balloon. In this image, a girl is reaching for lung organoids generated from pluripotent stem cells. The organoids have been stained for both nuclear and cell surface proteins. In the background are floating lun...

"Neural Strawberries: An Embryonic Stem Cell Origin" by Sakthi Moorthy

The picture “Neural Strawberries” is an unmodified immunostaining image of neural progenitor cells that are generated from embryonic stem cells in the lab. The beautiful red specks are from nuclear protein staining while the leafy green is from cell surface staining.


"Development in a Dish!" by Mukul Tewary

Micro-patterned human embryonic stem cell colony induced to initiate developmental fate patterning.


"Activated Fibroblasts" by Sogand Namdar

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